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作者: rese4db8    時間: 2013-5-30 17:56     標題: chunb20130522 Fitflops uk online store sale fitflop shoes Largest circulate the

Guinness World Records have created a movie roundup of some of the maximum unbelievable disc breaking moments of 2012. The four-minute video shows impressive feats of courage plus daring from last annual including Felix Baumgartner’s free fall which was the most freefall parachute bound ever, the longest wag surfed along a dog plus the highest bungee leap into water whilst on blaze.
See beneath the movie as the full list of records featured surrounded the video
Here is the full account of records among the video:
Fastest conveyance float – Lars Verbraeken, 179.59 km/h
Farthest distance apt tug a conveyance with meat hooks amid the back – Burnaby Q. Orbax, m
Furthest trampoline slam dunk – Thilo Schwarck,7.75 m
Fastest velocity skiing backwards – Anders Backe, km/h
Longest 720 ramp bound on skis – Joey Spencer, 26.95 m
Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice – Ryan Sucjanek, 152.89 km/h
Highest bungee jump into water whilst aboard blaze – Yoni Roch, 65.09 m
Highest blob bound – Christian ‘Elvis’ Guth, 22.0 m
Tightest parallel parking within reverse – Ronny Wechselberger, 35 cm
Most watched movie online – PSY’s “Gangnam Style”
Chayne Hultgren, multiple circus tricks record holder
Heaviest bike – Wouter van den Bosch, 750 kg
Highest freefall parachute jump – Felix Baumgartner
Most continuous paraglider loops – Horacio Llorens, 568 loops
Fastest 100m aboard always fours – Kenichi Ito,Fitflops uk online store sale fitflop shoes, 17.47 s
Fastest $1 billion box office membrane gross – The Avengers, 10 days
Largest circulate the loop among a automobile – Greg Tracy plus Tanner Foust, Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare, 18.29 m
Longest wave surfed according a dog – Abbie,UK timberland boat shoes sale outlet for cheap, 107.two m
Largest drum set – Dr. Mark Temperato, 340 pieces
Lowest roadworthy automobile – Okayama Sanyo High School, 45.two cm
Fastest phase apt climb The Torch Doha unassisted – Alain Robert,,, 1 hr 33 min 47 s
Shortest alive masculine – Chandra Bahdur Dangi – 54.6 cm
First 1080 on a skateboard – Tom Schaar,elderly 12
Most stunts performed forward a living performer – Jackie Chan
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